Elotex FX6300

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Redispersible polymer powder based on the copolymer of vinyl acetate, ethylene and vinyl chloride especially developed to formulate high class cement based tile adhesives.


When it comes to the construction industry, innovation is the name of the game. Elotex FX6300, a semi-flexible redispersible polymer powder, emerges as a game-changer. Crafted from a copolymer of vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride, and ethylene, this versatile organic binder is set to revolutionize ready-mixed dry mortars, particularly in the realm of tile adhesives.

Versatility at Its Best

Elotex FX6300 takes center stage as an essential raw material for the building and construction industry, where it finds its niche as an organic binder in the formulation of:

  • Tile Adhesives (Improved C2, ISO 13007): Push the boundaries of tile adhesive performance, achieving elevated standards such as C2TE and C2TES1.

For specialized applications beyond these, our dedicated local consultants are ready to provide expert guidance.


This remarkable product is meticulously developed to create top-tier tile adhesives with a host of benefits:

  • Excellent Workability with Neutral Rheology: Experience the ease of working with mortars modified by Elotex FX6300. Its neutral rheology ensures smooth handling and application.
  • Improved Tensile Adhesion after Water Immersion: With enhanced tensile adhesion even after exposure to water, your tile installations remain strong and reliable.
  • Extended Open Time: Enjoy the flexibility of extended open time, allowing for more precise and leisurely tile placement.
  • Good Deformability (S1 Class, ISO 13007): Achieve S1 class performance, as defined by ISO 13007, indicating superior deformability for your tile adhesives.


Eco-Friendly Excellence

Elotex FX6300 doesn’t just elevate performance; it also champions eco-friendliness. It boasts extremely low emission levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC), ensuring that manufacturers can align their finished products with stringent eco-labeling requirements. When it comes to sustainability, Elotex FX6300 stands tall.

Custom Performance, Tailored to You

The performance of Elotex FX6300 can be fine-tuned to meet your specific formulation requirements. Our Application Technology Group is at your service, ready to provide personalized support and guidance.


Additional information

Bulk Density

200 – 500 g/l

Residual Moisture

max 2.0 %

pH Value

7.0 – 8.5