Elotex FX2350

Elotex MP2050, Elotex 60W, Elotex SEAL81, Elotex SEAL200, Elotex ERA100, Elotex ERA200, Elotex SEAL712, Elotex FX6300, Elotex FX2350

Flexible redispersible polymer powder based on the copolymer of vinyl acetate and ethylene.


In the dynamic realm of construction, innovation is paramount, and Elotex FX2350 stands at the forefront of transformation. As a flexible redispersible polymer powder, it’s a game-changer in the building and construction industry, specifically designed for ready-mixed dry mortars. Let’s dive into its multifaceted applications and advantages.

Versatile Applications

Elotex FX2350 is a versatile raw material that finds its niche in various construction applications. It serves as an organic binder in the formulation of:

  1. External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS/EIFS): From adhesive mortars to base coats (embedding mortars) and topcoats, It enhances the performance of these systems.
  2. Renders/Plasters: Achieve superior results in rendering and plastering applications with this innovative polymer powder.
  3. Tile Adhesives (C1/C2, ISO 13007): Elevate tile installations to new heights by incorporating Elotex FX2350 into your adhesive formulations.
  4. Repair Mortars (Non-Structural, EN 1504): Ensure the durability and longevity of non-structural repair mortars with this exceptional binder.

For specialized applications beyond these, our dedicated local consultants are ready to provide expert guidance.


Mortars modified with Elotex FX2350 offer a host of benefits:

  • Excellent Workability and Neutral Rheology: Experience the ease of working with mortars modified by Elotex FX2350, thanks to its neutral rheology, ensuring smooth handling and application.
  • Enhanced Adhesion: Achieve superior adhesion between insulation boards and the wall, especially when using boards made of expanded or extruded polystyrene (EPS and XPS).
  • Flexibility and Impact Resistance: It imparts high flexibility and impact resistance to your mortar formulations, increasing their resilience.
  • Crack Resistance: Say goodbye to unsightly cracks with mortars fortified by Elotex FX2350, which offers increased crack resistance.
  • Deformability and Flexural Strength: Enjoy improved deformability and flexural strength, ensuring the longevity of your construction projects.


Eco-Friendly Excellence

Elotex FX2350 is not just about performance; it’s also committed to eco-friendliness. It boasts extremely low emission levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC), enabling manufacturers to create finished products that align with stringent eco-labeling requirements.

Tailored Performance, Tailored Support

The performance of this product can be fine-tuned to meet your specific formulation requirements. Our dedicated Application Technology Group is ready to provide personalized support and guidance, ensuring that you get the most out of this innovative polymer powder.


Additional information

Bulk Density

200 – 500 g/l

Residual Moisture

max 2.0 %

pH Value

7.0 – 8.5