Arbocel ZZC 500

Arbocel ZZC 500, Arbocel ZZ 8/1 G

Grey Fibre with the average fibre length of 500 μm used in cementitious construction compound Tile Adhesives & Repair Mortar, Stuccos, Bituminous compounds and adhesives for thermal composites etc


Arbocel ZZC 500, expertly crafted by JRS, is a natural, medium-sized gray technical raw cellulose fiber that transcends conventional industry standards. Its multifaceted capabilities make it a versatile choice, enhancing performance across a wide range of applications.

A Dynamic Thickener and More

This remarkable cellulose fiber serves as a potent thickener, optimizing viscosity and enhancing stability in formulations. Beyond this critical role, it excels as an agent that extends open time and improves workability. Its absorbent properties prove invaluable in various application fields, acting as an efficient liquid absorber and a formidable crack inhibitor.

Eco-Friendly Excellence

Arbocel ZZC 500 proudly carries the banner of environmental responsibility. Derived from replenishable raw materials, it embodies sustainability in its essence. As an eco-friendly grade, it aligns with the growing global emphasis on environmentally conscious practices.

Enhancing Construction Adhesives and Beyond

Arbocel ZZC 500 finds its niche in mineral tile adhesives and a spectrum of construction adhesives. Its versatility extends to cementitious construction compounds, tile adhesives, repair mortar, stuccos, bituminous compounds, and adhesives for thermal composites. In these applications, it plays a pivotal role, offering structural reinforcement and enhancing overall performance.

Unlocking Potential with Natural Excellence

It is more than just cellulose fiber; it’s a pathway to excellence. Whether you’re in construction, adhesives, or any industry where stability, workability, and environmental consciousness matter, this cellulose fiber is your steadfast partner.

Choose Arbocel ZZC 500 by JRS to elevate your formulations and products. With its proven track record in enhancing a wide range of applications, you can trust in the quality and reliability it brings to your industry.

Experience the transformative power of this product – where natural cellulose fiber meets innovation, and excellence becomes the standard.


Additional information

Appearance (unaided eye)

Gray Fibers


Natural Cellulose Fiber

Physical Form




Average Fibre Thickness

35 μm

Average Fibre Length

500 μm


115 – 150 gr/l