Arbocel ZZ 8/1 G

Arbocel ZZC 500, Arbocel ZZ 8/1 G

Grey Fibre with the average fibre length of 1000 μm used in cementitious Filler compounds, Vibration Damping Pads, Bituminous Expansion sheet, Bituminous roof coating & Concrete to Asphalt expansion Bands.


Arbocel ZZ 8/1 G, masterfully crafted by JRS Rettenmaier, introduces you to the realm of technical raw cellulose long fibers, where innovation thrives. With an average fiber length of approximately 1,000 µm, this remarkable fiber isn’t just an additive; it’s a catalyst for superior performance in a multitude of applications.

Versatility Unleashed

This Product showcases its prowess as a versatile solution. It seamlessly transitions between roles as a thickener, fiber reinforcement, absorbent, diluent, and carrier, providing a comprehensive solution for your formulations. Its adaptability makes it a valuable addition to various industries, ensuring enhanced quality and performance.

A Commitment to Sustainability

It embodies sustainability, sourced from replenishable raw materials. In a world where eco-conscious choices matter, opting for products aligned with environmentally friendly practices is paramount. Arbocel ZZ 8/1 G leads the way in offering green solutions without compromising on excellence.

Elevating Composites

In the realm of polymer composites, Arbocel ZZ 8/1 G stands tall as a reinforcement powerhouse. Its impressive length augments strength and durability, making it a preferred choice for composites that demand top-tier performance.

Enhancing Coatings

Whether you’re in road marking paints, synthetic resin coatings, crack-bridging reinforcement paints, or emulsion paints, Arbocel ZZ 8/1 G plays a pivotal role. Its long cellulose fibers, with an average length of 1,000 μm, unlock new possibilities in achieving excellence.

Experience the Transformation

It isn’t just a cellulose fiber; it’s the key to innovation and sustainability. It’s your partner in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in various applications.

Choose Arbocel ZZ 8/1 G by JRS Rettenmaier to elevate your formulations and products to new heights of quality and performance. Experience the transformative power of long cellulose fibers, where versatility meets innovation, and excellence becomes the standard.


Additional information

Appearance (unaided eye)

Grey Fibers


Natural Cellulose Fiber

Physical Form




Average Fibre Thickness

45 μm

Average Fibre Length

1000 μm


25 – 45 gr/l