Arbocel PWC 500

Arbocel FD 40, Arbocel PWC 500, Arbocel ZZC 500, Arbocel BC 1000

Natural cellulose fibre with the average fibre length of 500 μm used in Putty, Tile Adhesives, Repair Mortar etc


Arbocel PWC 500, a premium product crafted by JRS, is a medium-sized, off-white technical raw cellulose fiber known for its remarkable versatility and impact across various industries. This exceptional cellulose fiber serves as an effective thickener, elevating open time and workability while also acting as an absorbent and crack inhibitor in numerous application fields.

Enhancing Construction Adhesives

One of its prominent applications is in mineral tile adhesives and other mineral construction adhesives. Arbocel PWC 500 proves to be an invaluable addition, reducing the separation of lightweight fillers and enhancing the slump resistance of these adhesives. This means improved stability and performance in construction applications, ensuring your projects stay on track.

Reducing Cracking in Coatings and Plasters

Beyond its role in adhesives, Arbocel PWC 500 functions as a structure-forming agent, significantly reducing cracking in paints and plasters. This is particularly beneficial in achieving a polished, crack-free finish. Moreover, when incorporated into wall paints, it imparts a desirable matte surface appearance. Putties benefit from reduced flow tendency, resulting in easier application and finishing. Plus, improved water retention ensures consistent quality in your formulations.

Unlocking the Potential of Your Products

Arbocel PWC 500 is not just a cellulose fiber; it’s a versatile solution that unlocks the potential of your products. Whether you’re in construction, coatings, or any other industry that demands stability, workability, and enhanced performance, this cellulose fiber is your trusted ally.

Choose Arbocel PWC 500 by JRS to elevate your formulations and products. With its proven track record in enhancing a wide range of applications, you can be confident in the quality and reliability it brings to your industry.

Experience the difference that this product makes – where innovation meets cellulose, and performance knows no bounds.


Additional information

Appearance (unaided eye)

White Fibres


Natural Cellulose Fiber

Physical Form




Average Fibre Thickness

35 μm

Average Fibre Length

500 μm


70 – 100 gr/l