Arbocel FD 40

Arbocel FD 40, Arbocel PWC 500, Arbocel ZZC 500, Arbocel BC 1000

Natural cellulose fibre with the average fibre length of 250 μm used in Putty, Tile Adhesives, Repair Mortar etc.


Arbocel FD 40, meticulously crafted by JRS, stands as a technical cellulose middle fiber, with an average fiber length of approximately 250 µm. This versatile product demonstrates its prowess across diverse industries, making it a formidable choice for enhancing performance in various applications.

Reinforcing Polymer Composites and Beyond

One of its primary roles is fortifying polymer composites, lending them enhanced strength and durability. Beyond this, this product assumes the role of a functional filler, significantly improving the properties of numerous applications. It serves as a critical thickener, amplifying viscosity and enhancing the overall stability of formulations.

A Multifaceted Player

Arbocel FD 40 excels not only as a thickener but also as a fiber reinforcement agent, boosting the structural integrity of products. Its absorbent nature makes it a valuable component, efficiently soaking up liquids and contributing to various processes. Additionally, it functions as a diluent, facilitating controlled dispersion in formulations. As a carrier, it aids in the even distribution of active ingredients in a range of applications.

Elevating Your Products

It is not merely a cellulose fiber; it’s a catalyst for product enhancement. Whether you’re in the realm of composites, adhesives, or formulations that demand improved viscosity, stability, or reinforcement, Arbocel FD 40 by JRS is the answer.

Select Arbocel FD 40 to unlock the full potential of your products. With its proven versatility in enhancing diverse applications, you can trust in the reliability and quality it brings to your industry.

Experience the transformation that this product offers – where cellulose prowess meets innovation, and your products reach new heights of performance and quality.


Additional information

Appearance (unaided eye)

White Fibres


Natural Cellulose Fiber

Physical Form




Average Fibre Thickness

35 μm

Average Fibre Length

250 μm


115 – 150 gr/l