Arbocel BC 1000

Arbocel FD 40, Arbocel PWC 500, Arbocel ZZC 500, Arbocel BC 1000

Natural cellulose fibre with the average fibre length of 700 μm used in Road Marking Paints, Synthetic Resin Coating, Crack Bridging reinforcement Paint and other Emulsion Paints.


Arbocel BC 1000, meticulously crafted by JRS, stands as a long cellulose fiber that redefines the possibilities across diverse industries. With an average fiber length of approximately 700 µm, this remarkable fiber is a versatile powerhouse, offering benefits as a reinforcing agent, functional filler, thickener, and more.

Versatile Applications

It finds its niche in reinforcing polymer composites, where its exceptional length enhances strength and durability. It also serves as a functional filler, optimizing the properties of various applications. Whether you need a thickener, fiber reinforcement, absorbent, diluent, or carrier, Arbocel BC 1000 delivers, making it a valuable addition to your formulations.

Supporting Stone Surfaces and Frescoes

Beyond its versatility, it assumes a crucial role in preserving cultural heritage. Composed of pure cellulose fibers with hydrophilic properties, it becomes an inert filler for the preparation of cleaning mixtures and poultices applied to stone surfaces and frescoes. Here, it imparts crucial supporting and absorptive properties, contributing to the restoration and preservation of historical treasures.

Enhancing Paints and Plasters

In the realm of paints and plasters, Arbocel BC 1000 acts as a structure-forming agent, significantly reducing cracking and improving the overall finish. Wall paints adorned with this cellulose fiber exude a desirable matte appearance. It also mitigates the flow tendency of putties, simplifying application and finishing. Additionally, it enhances water retention, ensuring consistent quality in your formulations.

Elevating Your Projects

Arbocel BC 1000 isn’t just cellulose fiber; it’s a catalyst for excellence. Whether you’re in construction, restoration, coatings, or any industry that demands strength, durability, and performance, this cellulose fiber is your trusted ally.

Choose this product to elevate your formulations and projects. With its proven track record in enhancing diverse applications, you can trust in the quality and reliability it brings to your industry.

Experience the transformation that Arbocel BC 1000 offers – where natural cellulose fiber meets innovation, and excellence becomes the standard.

Expanding Possibilities Across Industries

This natural cellulose fiber, with an average length of 700 μm, is the key to unlocking new possibilities. Whether you’re in road marking paints, synthetic resin coatings, crack-bridging reinforcement paints, or emulsion paints, this is your partner in pushing boundaries and achieving excellence.

Choose Arbocel BC 1000 by JRS to elevate your products and projects to new heights of quality and performance. Experience innovation with natural cellulose excellence.


Additional information

Appearance (unaided eye)

White Fibers


Natural Cellulose Fiber

Physical Form




Average Fibre Thickness

20 μm

Average Fibre Length

700 μm


35 – 50 gr/l